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Q:  How do I manage my units CART access and notifications?


In the upper right hand corner of the tool you will see your name.  Click on that link to manage your settings.  NB: only system administrators can grant access to CART, email for signing up new system users. 

Department Tags allows you to manage the tags you have used to organize your agreements. Here you can rename your tags, combine them with other tags, or remove them altogether. This will not delete your agreements or folders, only rename or delete the tags associated with them. To “tag” an agreement, simply type in the name of an existing tag (or the name of a new one) into the text box at the top of your agreement next to “Tags:”

Department Members allows you to manage who has access to CART and what type of access they should have.

  • Administrative Access: the ability to edit and update any field or document within their unit, control the access of others, or assign the role of Primary Contact, allowing them to receive notifications when agreement status changes. Primary Contact notifications can be managed in the account portal as well.
  • Transaction Access: the ability to edit the payment fields but read-only the rest of the agreement.
  • Read-Only Access: The ability to view/read all aspects of the agreement but without the ability to make any changes.

Edit Related Person allows you to edit the names and contact information of the associated people for agreements.


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November 28, 2016

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