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2011 IT Partners Conference Schedule with Descriptions

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8:30-9:00 Presenter(s) Location
Registration and Continental Breakfast   Student Street
Welcome!   Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Keynote Presentation by W. Eric L. Grimson, MIT Chancellor, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Bernard M. Gordon Professor of Medical Engineering   Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Exchange Updates
Find out the latest on Exchange @ MIT...
Mark Silis
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
This past academic year, IS&T piloted the Pharos hold-and-release printing system, based on student feedback.  Over the summer, we will begin widespread deployment through the Athena clusters and dorms. Come learn about Pharos, why we chose it, and how we hope it will change the future of printing at MIT.
Jon Reed, Oliver Thomas
See what's in the works for MIT support providers who are interested in Drupal-based solutions.
Mark Pearrow, Rich Murphy
MGHPCC, Inception to Reality... almost...
Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center.  How did we get started with High Performance Computing (HPC) for MIT and what are some of the things being done in this area?
Taeminn Song
IT Journey to Saving Energy and More
A look into the journey to save energy, paper and more in IT at MIT.  We'll touch on topics and projects related to PC Power Management, Smart Printing Practices and ongoing efforts to improve IT efficiency across MIT.
Jon Hunt, Laxmi Rao
Outlook, Apple and your Mac... Oh my!
Reviewing the nuances present in Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac and Apple's communication suite (Apple Mail, iCal, and Address Book) when using MIT's Exchange environment.  What does this mean for end-users and IT shops?
Andrew Munchbach
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Web Authentication with MIT Touchstone
This session presents an overview of the MIT Touchstone web authentication system, and the Shibboleth software on which it is based. We also provide some guidance on how to use Touchstone on an MIT web server to restrict access to its protected resources.
Mark Pearrow, Bob Basch  32-124
Sneak Peek at MIT's new COGNOS Reporting Tool
A brief review of the process taken to choose the new tool and a short demo of what the Cognos tool looks like, with an overview of capabilities we haven't had with our current BrioQuery reporting tool. We will also talk about how we will move forward with training and rollout, including possible reorganization of data and enhancement of metadata to reduce confusion about warehouse data. 
Mary Weisse, Maija Ahlquist 32-141
User State Migration Tool: Migrating to Windows 7 with Ease and Efficiency
This presentation will review how and why Sloan implemented USMT, first looking into some of the general terminology that is used and then the specifics of our execution.  This includes: the reasoning behind our storage method, our batch scripts, what data types we include and exclude, and how we were able to automate the entire process of capturing the data and putting it back down onto a new device!
Nick Jannine, Bryce Harper 32-144
IS&T Data Center Services: Where We Are, and Where We're Going
This session will provide an overview of the data centers IS&T operates as well as an update on upcoming changes to our data center facilities.  We'll also review the services IS&T provides for DLCs that wish to host their systems in an IS&T data center, with an emphasis on changes that have been introduced in the past year.
Garry Zacheiss 32-155
Network Update
A discussion of recent and upcoming enhancements to MITnet, and new technologies to watch for.
Andrew Bonvie, Chris Murphy Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Imaging Macs
Managing a number of Mac's?  Looking for a better way to image machines?  Rebecca and Joe will share a great approach that will really help you.
Rebecca Heiser, Joe DeVito
The Great Migration: to Encompass (iModules)
In 2010 the MIT Alumni Association, serving over 140,000 varied constituents, was outgrowing its suite of online services - mostly built in-house. Faced with budget challenges and what it would require to keep up we undertook The Great Migration - hear our story and learn more about iModules' Encompass platform.
Sandra Mallalieu
Request Tracker 4: Advanced Topics
This session is geared towards existing Request Tracker users who administer queues.  Oliver will help clarify some more challenging aspects such as querybuilder quirks, scripting issues, and email handling by RT.  Please bring a laptop and questions!
Oliver Thomas, Barbara Johnson
Accessibility and Usability: How we add value to IT
Members of the IS&T Customer Support Accessibility and Usability team will present an overview of the services they provide, what exactly accessibility and usability means, and why and how to engage them on your next IT project or service. 
Mary Ziegler, Stephani Roberts, Katherine Wahl, Chris LaRoche
MIT's Online Campus Map: What's new with WhereIs
This session will provide a brief history of the online campus map at MIT and discuss many of the new enhancements to the map.
Bill Witts, Mike Parkin, Hubert Pham
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Deploying Windows 7: Tools and Techniques
A range of techniques for automating the deployment of Windows 7 for small, medium and large environments.
Noel Atkins
Unity Voicemail and WebEx Conferencing
IS&T's communications services continue to evolve.  This session will cover the migration to a new, unified voicemail system and the introduction of WebEx Meeting Center conferencing serice.
Dennis Barron, Matt Isgur
SharePoint 101
Tim Enright, Charlie DeLong 32-144
Getting the Most Out of Social Media
Our presentation will give an overview of many social media outlets, tools, and metrics and discuss best practices and show these best practices in action with a case study of MIT SA+P social media use.
Dave Conlon, Stephanie Hatch
Come expand your knowledge of MIT's Enterprise backup system. This session will include a live demo and discussion of some of Tivoli Storage Manager's (TSM) key features.
Dave Kalendarian, Patrick Whitney Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Focus Group: User Support Challenges
Hear it from a pro.  Helen will give us an overview of what it takes to manage a large user base effectively.  Today's technology landscape makes that especially challenging with the plethora of gadgets, machines and systems common to today's average end user.
Helen Rose
Telepresence and Video
A discussion and demos of some of the latest options for video conferencing and distribution at MIT.
Chris Murphy, Ron Hoffman 32-141
Sloan Tech Ventures Armand Doucette
IS&T Help Desk Tour
The IS&T Help Desk has moved to East Campus.  Join us to visit the new in-person services space in E17.  Offering services to the MIT community, such as laptop troubleshooting, hardware repair, data recovery, os installs, and more...
Chris Gresham
"We are really running out of Internet Addresses, now what?"
An informative talk about what this means and what the issues are related to this topic.  Additionally, Jeff will provide some of the related history, which he is well-positioned to discuss, because he was there!
Jeff Schiller
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)

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