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2010 IT Partners Conference Schedule with Descriptions

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8:30-9:00 Presenter(s) Location
Registration and Continental Breakfast   Student Street
Welcome!   Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Keynote Presentation by Marilyn Smith, Head of Information Services & Technology   Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Sensitive Data at MIT: WISP & PIRN
This session will cover what IT staff need to know about MIT's new written information security program (WISP) and the personal information requiring notification (PIRN) that everyone is required to protect, as per Massachusetts law.
Alison Dolan
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Inside Out: Mapping the Institute with GIS
The Department of Facilities' spatial data infrastructure integrates information about space, buildings, and land in a common framework. This presentation will illustrate relationships between dissimilar data sets and show how campus information is visualized, analyzed, and shared in new and exciting ways.
Mike Parkin
IS&T Data Center Services, Virtualization Strategy and Evolution
In this session, we'll discuss IS&T's virtualization strategy, focusing on new developments in the past year, and provide an overview of how IS&T's data center services can help your department run servers more cost-effectively.  Topics covered will include MIT's VMware site license, IS&T's system administration services, and co-location.
Garry Zacheiss, Rich Ledoux
IT Procurement: The Strategic Approach
This session will cover recent changes in VPF STP (Sourcing, Travel & Procurement) strategies, supplier rationalization and fragmentation, and supplier definitions.
Leo McInerney, Charlie Wourgiotis,
Jim Keogh
Mobile Devices
An overview of the currently supported mobile platforms at MIT: What's here, what's next?
Matt Sullivan, Andrew Munchbach 32-155
Malware / PIRN: Remediation from the Trenches
In this session, Tom Jagatic will speak about practical hands-on information security topics and give recommendations for detecting and remediating viruses/malware.  Steve Burke will talk about applying those recommendations, and processes developed for the Deans' offices when faced with a possibly compromised computer
Tom Jagatic, Steve Burke Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Stump the Knowledge Base
As you try to solve a computer problem for yourself or a colleague here at MIT, someone suggests you "look in the Knowledge Base". If you answer, "What's the Knowledge Base?" or "I looked but I can't find it" , then this session is for you! Learn how the Knowledge Base can help you, how to search effectively, and become a contributor if you are not already. There will be prizes for those who stump the Knowledge Base and for the best new article. (Laptop with MIT personal certificate required for participation.)
Barbara Johnson
Distributable Windows Virtual Machines
Come see how IS&T and OEIT have partnered to create a customizable, standard, supportable and distributable set of Windows 7 VMs for students, faculty and staff.  Learn about how to customize the Base VM (created (in alpha now with the IT Partners in mind) for deployment within your DLC.
Jon Hunt,
Jim Cain,
Blake Skinner
Managed Data Services (MDS)
(MDS) offers departments, labs, and centers a managed environment for their local data.  Local data is stored, secured and cared for in the same professional manner as data in other Institute enterprise database. This is done at a low cost to the DLC's. Data can be joined with enterprise data from the MIT Data Warehouse via views allowing the MDS systems to integrate the enterprise data for viewing with the local data that is available to the DLC for view and update. The key concept is to keep "local data" local and "enterprise data" central. 
Mary Weisse 32-144
Search Engine Optimization
How do Google and Bing search and rank your website? How can you improve your site's search rankings? Come hear how search engines work and the little things you can do to improve your search rankings and get users to the content they want!
Dave Conlon, Lisa Mayer 32-155
Identity Finder: Looking for Personal Information
Identity Finder has been used by many higher education institutions to find and protect personal information. This presentation provides an overview and demo of the software and how it can be used it at MIT.
Monique Yeaton, Anne Flanders-Doland Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Soft Skills for Tech Support
IT staff are known, fairly or otherwise, for an inability to communicate well with non-technical people. Helen Rose will offer tips on communicating with your non-technical manager and how best to deal with clients for the benefit of your organization.
Helen Rose
Installation & Maintenance of Debathena Machines
Debathena is replacing Athena 9 throughout campus.  This session will cover the Debathena installation process, and basic maintenance such as updating the workstation, configuring peripheral devices and network configuration, as these procedures have changed substantially from Athena 9.  Advanced topics may be covered if time permits.  Departmental IT staff are strongly encouraged to attend.
Jon Reed
Filemaker Server for the (Reluctant) Sys Admin
In this session you will learn what you need to know to about when and why to implement FileMaker Server for your users' database systems.  We will discuss version upgrade issues, hosting environment guidelines, security, plus available services and resources.  There will also be a brief overview of the features provided by the FileMaker Server Admin Console for managing your hosted databases.
Cecilia Marra
Plumbing to Paint: Managing a Technical Project
Building or re-visioning a web application, web site, or database is like renovating your kitchen. Whether it needs a full set of pipes, a new coat of paint, or everything and the kitchen sink, you've got a project to run and people to organize. This session will cover the basics of technology project management, from plumbing to paint.
Myra Hope Eskridge 32-155
PGP Whole Disk Encryption: hQIMAwnlauvO/KCxARAAuH4wFj8JB3k4caO6V12
Do I need PGP Whole Disk Encryption?  How does it work and what are its ins and outs?  How do the Massachusetts Data Breach Regulations affect my workflow?
Mike Halsall
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Panel: Server File Name Taxonomy
A panel of IT Partners representing different DLCs as well as IS&T will lead a discussion highlighting different approaches to structuring file servers shared by workgroups of various sizes.  Topics such as naming conventions, permissions and directory structures will be addressed.
Chris Meehan, Barry Stoelzel, Richard Edelson
Workshop: Diagnostic Decision Trees
Walk through some common tech support issues that we face at MIT.  Work through the decision trees for each and contribute your own experience and expertise.  Session results will be published for use by IT Partners.
Helen Rose, Mike Sherman, Steve Burke
From Spreadsheet to Database with Filemaker
Have your spreadsheets grown into countless columns and worksheets over their brief life span?  Does updating require copies and pastes that might put the integrity of the data at risk?   The solution may be in moving to a database. Using the example of an inventory spreadsheet,  this session will demonstrate a few of FileMaker  many features  which can simplify data entry, data management, and reporting. This session is for individuals who are new to FileMaker and wish to transition spreadsheets into a more user-friendly form.
Bronwen Heuer 32-144
CMS - What Your Mother Never Told You
Content management systems (CMS) have grown in popularity over the last  three years, and you may heard them touted as the be-all, end-all solution for your web site management needs. But are they? Before you leap into the CMS arena, find out what to consider before converting a web site or starting one from scratch.
Myra Hope Eskridge,
Lisa Mayer
Cyber Investigations
This session will provide an overview of the persistent threat to computing devices and networks for the education and research communities. The presentation will include a discussion on securing critical data, incident response, and digital forensics.
James Burrell (FBI) Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
Panel: Providing Remote IT Support
Remote support tools provide another avenue for helping users.  What are some of the benefits and challenges associated with remote support.  In this session we will discuss how different IT support organizations at MIT utilize Remote Assistance. We will also demonstrate a variety of tools.
Jozsef Doczi, Anita Horn,
Greg Walton, Joe De Vito
TSM Backup - before it's too late!
Come expand your knowledge of MIT's Enterprise backup system. This session will include a live demo and discussion of some of Tivoli Storage Manager's (TSM)  key features.
Dave Kalendarian, Bob Lang, Patrick Whitney 32-141
Textbook Information Provisioning (TIP) Project
The Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008) requires institutions to disclose specific information on required and recommended reading (primarily but not exclusively textbooks) such as the ISBN and book's list purchase price on all internet based course schedules effective July 1, 2010. The "Textbook Information Provisioning (TIP) Project launched to continue to champion the cause of affordable course materials and open educational resources by making information on required and recommended reading available on the Online Subject Listing and Schedule by pre-registration so students have time to compare various book retailers and the opportunity to plan their course load to spread out the cost of texts.
Cassandra Fox, Laura Watts,
Greg Che
Talking 'bout IT Using Social Media
This session covers social media as an outlet for IT communications. The presentation will include brief case studies of a news page redesign, a Twitter client, blogs, a Facebook page, and related analytics.
Robyn Fizz, Dave Conlon, Monique Yeaton 32-155
Cloudy With a Chance of Computing
"Cloud Computing" is this year's buzz word. But what is it? We'll discuss the answer to this question (there are several) and the benefits, concerns and risks associated with "the Cloud." Where does it make sense for MIT to use cloud computing, where does it not?
Jeff Schiller
Kirsch Auditorium (32-123)
5:00 - ??    
 IT Partners Farewell to Theresa Regan
  Kirsch Aud. & Student Street

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