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Zoom Phone Migration Notice

To: (owners and administrators of accounts scheduled for migration)
From: IS&T Zoom Phone Transition Team <>
Subject: Your MIT phone account(s) migrating to Zoom Phone on DAY, MM/DD

As part of the ongoing modernization of MIT's communications infrastructure and services, Information Systems and Technology is migrating the Institute's cloud-based telephone service to the Zoom platform.

Our records show you are an owner or administrator of one or more telephone accounts scheduled for migration on DAY, MONTH DD, after 5 p.m OR during the weekend of MONTH DD. If you manage multiple MIT phone accounts, the account description on will indicate which are being migrated.

What you need to do
To ensure a seamless migration and to take full advantage of the capabilities enabled by the Zoom Phone service, the migration team recommends the following preparations:

  • Enable softphone
    If you have not yet enabled the "softphone" option on your primary account, IS&T recommends you do so now. [The IS&T Knowledge Base (KB) has instructions for how to enable the softphone for an MIT phone account.]
    If you previously used the BroadSoft UC One Communicator for softphone calls, you will no longer need it after migration. Once your account is migrated, use the Zoom client for calls and uninstall/delete BroadSoft.
  • Install Zoom client
    Making and receiving Zoom Phone calls on a computer or mobile device requires using the Zoom client (not a web browser). If you have not already downloaded and installed the client on your preferred device(s), doing so now will ensure that you are ready to make and receive calls when your account is migrated.

For owners of multiple phone accounts
If you are listed as the owner for more than one phone account being migrated, see instructions for using Zoom Phone service with multiple lines in the KB.

Self-service migration
Beginning Tuesday, May 31, certain MIT phone accounts will be eligible to be migrated to Zoom Phone earlier than scheduled. For these accounts, a button will be visible at allowing the owner or administrator to initiate a migration in the next available window. The IS&T Knowledge Base (KB) has more information on self-service migration.

Desk phones
Physical devices registered in will automatically reconnect to Zoom Phone accounts. If a desk phone seems unresponsive after migration, it may need to be restarted.

More information
The KB has more information on the Zoom Phone service at MIT, including a list of frequently asked questions.

If you need help using your Zoom Phone account, contact the IS&T Service Desk at 617-253-1101 or

Thank you,

The Zoom Phone transition team
Information Systems & Technology

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August 17, 2022

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