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Wix for MIT sites

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Q: Should I use Wix for my MIT site?


Yes, you can use Wix ( for your MIT site, with some caveats.


Instead of setting up a site at MIT, some people set up websites with an external web hosting company, and then ask for an MIT site name to point to the external site hosted with the company. MIT IS&T can normally do this, after collecting some information required for the connection.

For the case of sites hosted on, Wix requires a more elaborate connection than most hosts require. (Technical details: Wix requires that the name must begin with "www.", and requests allocation of three names in MIT's system instead of just one name.)

The extra setup makes it more difficult for MIT IS&T to connect an MIT name to a Wix site, and IS&T does not recommend Wix as a content manager, however it is still a service we provide.

On the Wix side of the configuration, you should follow their directions for configuring the hostname using the pointing method.


For information about hosting a site at MIT, see:

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