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Windows Server Platforms - athrun Command


Runs a piece of software out of a locker without adding it to your path.


athrun [-D] locker [program] [args ...]


  • -D: accommodate applications that do not support UNC file names.
    It will act like attach and map the locker to a drive letter. If no drive letter is specified, the W drive will be used.
  • locker: an AFS or NFS locker or a UNC name, such as \\\dfs\ops\distrib.
    Hesiod is used to resolve the locker name. program: name of the program to which the created the short points.</p>
  • program: name of the program to which the created the short points.
  • args: arguments passed to the program


athrun windows-pack emacs
athrun windows-pack emacs C:\boot.ini
athrun foo

In this last example, athrun will assume the locker name and program name are the same when you list only the locker name. In this example it successfully starts foo since the program foo is located in the foo locker.

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February 09, 2016

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