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WebEx Basics

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Install Java
Java must be installed on your computer and enabled in the browser and the Java Control Panel to have the best experience joining meetings.

IS&T requires strong passwords for WebEx

A system generated password now appears in the password field when scheduling a meeting:

What to know about passwords:

  • The password must be 8 characters or longer
  • It must contain characters from at least three different character classes (upper- and lower-case letters and numeric)
  • Passwords can contain symbols
  • Do not use your kerberos password
  • You can choose the auto-generated password

Joining a meeting using the link contained within the email does not require password entry.

Schedule a Meeting or Teleconference

WebEx is the tool for conducting webinars and teleconferences at MIT.  Schedule these sessions through the web and the system will send you and the participants the connection information.

  1. Go to or WebEx via the desktop.
  2. Click Meeting Center and login to WebEx (via Touchstone)
  3. Click "Host a Meeting". Confirm login by inspecting upper right corner of screen where login name should be visible.
  4. Choose Schedule a meeting.
  5. To set up Advanced options, select Advanced Scheduler, and then select MeetingPro Meeting 1000 (default meeting type),
    or select WebEx Personal Conference to set up a teleconference.
  6. Enter the required information, Meeting topic, and Meeting password.
  7. Fill in the following: Meeting date, Meeting time, Estimated duration, Attendees, and Send a copy of the invitation email to me.
  8. Click Schedule Meeting if for a future meeting or Start to start the meeting now.

NOTE: For a webinar or online meeting you will need to follow these steps

  1. For a WebEx teleconference select the Advanced Scheduler 
  2. From the Schedule for pull down menu, select myself or if you have permissions to schedule for someone else, choose their name.
    If you do not have permissions to schedule for someone else and wish to obtain permission, the other individual must follow Granting Scheduling Permission below
  3. Fill out the Meeting topic and select Next
  4. Enter the Date & Time, Entry and exit tone within Audio Conference setting then select Next
  5. Invite attendees separating email addresses with a comma or semicolon and select Schedule Meeting

You and your attendees will receive an email with the details for the meeting including a web link to join.

  1. Please note if uploading a file it must be saved in UCF format created by WebEx. - confirm 10/7

Granting Scheduling Permission

In order for a host to schedule a meeting on your behalf, you must grant their account scheduling permission.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the My WebEx tab towards the top of the screen, then on Preferences on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on the Scheduling Options drop down link.
  4. In the Scheduling permission field, type in the email address of the host you wish to schedule meetings on your behalf, then click Save.

Share your screen

  1. Start the meeting.
  2. Click Share Applications drop down list.
  3. Choose an application to share or Share My Desktop which shares everything. 
    Share just the application if this is a formal presentation and you only intend to share the presentation or choose desktop if you intend to share more than one application.
  4. Begin the meeting.

To Change the Presenter:

If a participant would like to share a document, you can change their Role to Presenter:

  1. Go to the participants list and right click the participant that needs to share their computers information
  2. Right click their name and choose Change Role to: Presenter
    Using the Share toolbar choose Assign: Make Presenter: and choose the person’s name.  That person will then need to select what they want to share.
  3. When the Presenter is finished, they can delegate this Role back to the Host

To Change the Host:

If you (the Host) need to leave the meeting while in progress, you can delegate the host to a participant so the meeting can continue:

  1. Go to the participants list and right click the participant that needs to share their computers information
  2. Right click their name and choose Change Role to: Host

You can click on "leave the meeting" button without ending the meeting for remaining participants.  If you wish to join again while the meeting is ongoing,  click on the Audio Conference Icon and enter the number you wish to be called to rejoin.  

Share Toolbar

Once you share an application or your desktop, the following share toolbar appears in the currently viewed window. 

Pause.  This will pause sharing the windows you have chosen to share with other participants. 

Stop Sharing.  This will stop sharing the windows you have chosen to share with other participants.  It does not end the webinar, you would do that by choosing File: End session on the main WebEx window or by closing all the WebEx windows.

Share. Allows you to switch what you are sharing, so you could choose to share just your PowerPoint presentation, but during your session realize you need to demonstrate a particular process in another software  This button will allow you to change your original selection.

Assign. Use assign if you are the host, but other participants need to show the other members something specific.  You can use this button to switch a user to a presenter, so they can then share their desktop or specific window.

Audio. Use in case you lose sound during the presentation and need to call back the call-in number or have WebEx call you back.

Participants. Lets you see who is connected to the meeting.

Chat. A chat room for members of the session to communicate to the host or each other.  This area is specifically helpful if everyone's phone is muted to prevent external sounds. 

Record.  Used to record the session for posting.  You must click the record button before you begin the presentation to ensure that the whole session is recorded.  Recording will capture both the sound and shared windows.

Annotate.  Allows the presenter to annotate sections of the presentation while they are speaking or highlight specific areas of the screen they want to emphasize.

Joining a meeting

There are two ways to join a meeting.  First, you can use the email you receive from the host.  Or you can go to go to My Meetings and join the meeting scheduled for the date and time.

  1. To join from the email:
    1. Open the email and click the link
    2. Enter your phone number to connect to the audio as requested, or use your computer audio.
    3. Enter your name, email and password as requested.
    4. Click Join and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  2. To join from Meeting Center
    1. Go to  
    2. Choose My Meetings.
    3. Click the Join button next to the meeting you want to join and follow the instructions on

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November 09, 2017

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