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Web Publishing - Domain Names

For a comprehensive look at web hosting options, please see What are my options for making a website at MIT?

As far as allocating a hostname goes, your purpose for doing so is important.

  • If you have physical hardware that needs an IP address and hostname allocated on campus, see
  • If you are building a website from scratch, please see the options at: What are my options for making a website at MIT?
  • If you have a website built under another name, and want to direct an MIT hostname to it, this will need to be analyzed based on what the destination, technologies and purpose is. In most cases, we won't allocate hostnames to off-campus destinations for student personal/resume websites. For other use cases, such as official department, lab or center websites, please contact the Service Desk
  • If you wish to build a website, but haven't decided on the technologies to use, or where it will be hosted, you can reach the Service Desk and request that we reserve the desired top level name for your project.

Requests requiring a hostname being directed to another location or reserved will generally require a responsible staff or faculty member's request, along with an MIT cost object. No charge-back is made for these, but a cost object will be requested for tracking. For a deeper look at the concerns for offsite hosting, please see Hostname Migration - Validation ahead of DNS change.

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November 21, 2018

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