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Video Recording and Delivery - Video Production Checklist

Video Production Checklist


Wear what makes you most comfortable, but be aware that small, high-contrast patterns such as pinstripes on a shirt, or solid white or black can cause visual problems with the finished video.

Use of Props or Demonstrations

If you plan to use props or perform demonstrations during a recording, talk with the camera crew before starting the recording in case special arrangements should be made.


If your video will be captured by AMPS or OCW, they will visit the classroom or office and take care of setting issues. If you are capturing the event yourself, try to visit the "set" prior to recording. Adjustments such as the configuration of the room may be needed, as well as additional or improved lighting.

Lighting Tips

  • When possible, avoid backlighting (a strong light source behind your subject).
  • Try to avoid shooting in direct sunlight, seeking shade if necessary.
  • Try to avoid mixed lighting (i.e, daylight coming through a window with flourescent or projector light on your subject) if at all possible. Close blinds or shades to provide one type of consistent light.
  • Use [three-point lighting| when possible.
  • Set your camera’s color temperature setting to match your lighting type (fluorescent, tungsten, daylight, etc.).
  • A large piece of white poster board can work as a cheap light bounce


    Audio for your video should be captured with a lapel microphone unless you expect significant question/answer sessions with students, in which case you should arrange for hand-held microphones for the audience; you can also plan to repeat all questions before answering them. Using only the camera’s built-in microphone will generally result in extremely poor audio quality.

For more about audio watch this tutorial from IAP 2009.

PrivacyBe sure to warn everyone in the room that taping is in progress, and identify places where they may sit if they do not wish to appear on screen. See[privacy guidelines| for more information.

Intellectual Property

If your video will be published by MIT OpenCourseWare and contains third-party content (such as music or information on PowerPoint slides), each piece of content must be clearly sourced for the IP department to seek permission. Publication of the course will be delayed until all third-party content is properly sourced. OCW will provide you with more information when you arrange your recording.

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