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TIM Tickets System - Visitor Pass and Event Pass Landing Page

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Visitors to MIT can be given temporary access to campus buildings or an MIT event by enrolling in a system called Tim Tickets.

Active MIT COVID Pass users should scan into campus buildings or an MIT event using their MIT ID or mobile MIT ID barcode found in the Atlas app.

Per MIT’s event policy, the use of the Tim Tickets system is optional for all events.

Creating Tim Tickets


  • Requires an active MIT Kerberos account
  • Faculty and staff can invite individuals to visit campus buildings
  • Students, faculty, and staff can create and invite visitors to events. Affiliates cannot send individuals a TIM ticket invite

Both visitor and event passes are issued and managed using:

Visitor Pass

Individual visitors can be invited to campus by faculty and staff with an active MIT Kerberos account. Students cannot allocate visitor passes. Visitors access campus between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., seven days a week, as noted on the map. Visitors will be given access to exterior doors only. Note that certain time-restricted buildings do not permit weekend visitor access. 

A single visitor pass is valid for a period of seven consecutive days. That window of time can be scheduled in the future, it does not need to start immediately.

  1. Open the MIT Atlas App > Tim Tickets or the Tim Tickets visitor administration website
  2. On the People tab, click the Add button.
  3. Fill out the Invitee screen. Contact number (if mobile) and email address will be used to deliver a PIN code.

  4. Click the Invite button.
    Result: The Tim Ticket appears in the people tab. The invitee will receive an invitation right away, but must enroll in Tim Tickets and answer the vaccination questions.

    Note: The contact number and email address entered will be associated with a unique invitee and can not be re-used for another invitee due to contact tracing. The QR code will be sent via email and the contact number (mobile) to the invitee.

  5. To issue more invitations, click the Add button.

Event Pass

Event organizers must track daily attendance of all participants (Covid Pass users and non-Covid Pass users) by scanning attendees into the Tim Tickets system. MIT community members in Covid Pass will use their MIT ID to scan into an event. Non-Covid Pass users must enroll in the Tim Tickets system. Event attendee information is collected for contact tracing purposes only and unavailable to organizers for download.

Attendees can use their event pass to scan into the event during the program times defined by the organizer when creating the event in Tim Tickets. Building access, for non-Covid Pass users is restricted to between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., seven days a week (exterior doors only), with the exception of certain time-restricted buildings noted on the map, which do not permit weekend visitor access.

When to use Event Tim Tickets

  • As of 3/14/22 TIM events tickets are optional for all events both on and off-campus.
  • Required for all attendees who are not in Covid Pass.

Create the Event

Screen shots are from the web interface. The mobile application also offers very similar functionality and steps.

  1. Open the the Tim Tickets visitor administration website or MIT Atlas App > Tim Tickets.
  2. Click on the Events tab, then Add or New Event (if there are already events listed).

  3. Fill out the event details. Be sure to list anybody who will be scanning attendees into the event as a co-administrator. Co-administrators must be Covid Pass users.
  4. Click Add.
    Result: The event has been created and is shown in the list of events.

Invite Attendees to an Event

From the Tim Tickets visitor administration website or Tim Tickets feature in the MIT Atlas mobile app:

  1. Open the Tim Tickets visitor administration website or the MIT Atlas App > Tim Tickets
  2. Tap or click Events > the event listing > Share Event.

    Result: The QR code and link for the event is displayed. They can be shared to publicize the event on posters, email, social media and more. When invitees scan the QR code or go to the link, they will be taken to the Tim Tickets system to register for their individual event pass.
    This event QR code or link will not allow visitors to scan into the event directly. They must still enroll in Tim Tickets, sign up via the Tim Ticket event link, and attest to being vaccinated/exempted to get their individual event pass.

Using Tim Tickets


In order to be issued a pass, visitors and event attendees who are not in Covid Pass must:

  • Have a non-MIT email address (not e.g.
  • Provide contact information (name, phone number/email address) for contact tracing purposes.
  • Accept MIT guidelines for campus access and agree to adhere to MIT rules/protocols.
  • Attest that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have a religious or medical exemption that prevents them from receiving the vaccine.
  • The resulting QR code, on a mobile device or printed copy, can be used to scan into a campus building and/or event. This is a one-day pass. For multi-day visits/events, a unique QR code will be generated daily. 

Accepting an Invitation

When an individual receives a visitor pass invitation or event link/QR code, they will be taken to the Tim Tickets app or website to enter their information and get their own personal QR code for entry into buildings and events.

Example of a visitor pass invitation:

  1. Click the Get My Tim Ticket button. For an event pass, click the event link or scan the QR code.
    Result: The Tim Tickets app or website opens.
  2. Click on Visitor.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
    Result: A PIN code will be texted to that number and sent to email on record.
  4. Enter the PIN code sent to your mobile device.
  5. Enter your contact details.
  6. At the Tim Ticket Registration acknowledgment, click on, I’m ready! Let’s get started
  7. Review the acknowledgment form and click Accept.

You can attest to vaccine status no earlier than 24 hours in advance of the event.

  1. You will be presented with a personal QR code. Use the QR code to scan into campus buildings and, if attending an event, to scan in with event staff.

    To simplify checking in, you can screenshot your QR code and have it ready when you arrive.

Scanning Attendees into Events

  • Admins and co-admins can scan guests into an event via the Atlas App with mobile devices such as a phone or iPad. Lap-tops DO NOT function as a scanner.
  • Attendees may present their QR code on a mobile device or printed copy.
  • If attendees have trouble scanning their QR code, have them to turn up the brightness on their mobile device.
  1. Open the Tim Tickets app.
  2. Click on Events.
  3. Click on the event you are scanning event attendees into.
    Don’t see the event? Ask the event administrator to add you as a co-administrator.
  4. Click on Scan Attendees

  5. How attendees scan in depends on if they are Covid Pass users or not.
    1. MIT COVID pass users: Scan the barcode on the back of their MIT ID card (removed from any encasing) or scan the barcode in their MIT Atlas mobile app.
      1. Open your MIT Atlas App
      2. Tap the bars menu ( )
      3. Tap the profile ( )
      4. Tap the MIT ID Barcode
    2. Guests: Scan your QR code.

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

  • Who can see the personal information entered in order to receive a Tim Ticket?
    Can admins get a list of people who have signed up for a Tim Ticket for their event?
    Information collected about Tim Ticket visitors is stored solely for contact tracing purposes in accordance with our privacy policy. This information is not available to the event organizers at this time.
  • After enrolling in Tim Tickets, how does someone correct/update personal information?
    In Tim Tickets app: Click on the image of Tim or their own photo to update personal information.
  • My guest enrolled in Tim Tickets via the website, but now they can’t find their QR code. Where can they retrieve it?
    Attendees may access their account via For quicker processing, advise them to print or take a screenshot of the QR code in advance.
  • My invited guest has a visitor pass from another meeting on campus the same day, can they use this for my event
    No. Each event has a unique link. They must sign up for your event separately via their event pass.
  • Will Tim Tickets give my visitors access to any interior doors or elevators?
    No, you will need to escort your visitors from the exterior doors wherever they need to go inside.
  • Do MIT Covid Pass User need to get a Tim Ticket for events?
    No, Tim Tickets are only for non-Covid Pass users. Covid Pass users will be asked to scan into the event using the MIT Mobile app or ID.

    On the day of the event:
    • Present the barcode in your Tim Ticket mobile app.

      1. Open your MIT Atlas App
      2. Tap the bars menu ( )
      3. Tap the profile ( )
      4. Tap the MIT ID Barcode
        Result: The barcode displays and you can scan into the event.
  • Are there any additional requirements for inviting international visitors to campus?
    No, it is the same process for domestic and international visitors.
  • Can I invite a list of people to visit campus?
    No, individual visitors must be added individually. Event attendees must add themselves using the event link. There is no bulk or list add option.
  • My visitor says they didn't get their invite, where is it?
    Encourage your visitor to check their spam, junk, promotions and any other locations their email provider may automatically filter messages it believes to be automated. If they still can't find it, you can resend the individual invite by selecting the Tim Ticket and clicking on Resend Invite for visitor pass or by resending the event QR code or link.  Instruct visitors to add _timtix@mit.edu_ to their safe sender list.

  • Why doesn't my visitor or event attendee have building access immediately after filling out the attestation form?
    Daily attestation is no longer a requirement.
  • Who can scan attendees into an event?
    Admins and co-admins (must be in Covid Pass).

  • Can I share the QR code for my event?
    Yes, you can share the QR code or link to  your event (not to be mistaken by the individual QR codes for Non-MIT event attendees).

    Open Tim Tickets and go to Events > Select Your Event > Share Event. You can screenshot the QR code for sharing in email, on posters, via social media or however else you advertise your event.
  • It's 24 hours before the event, why can't I submit my attestation yet?
    Attestations are no longer required for Events

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