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Stellar and LMOD for Students

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There are two course site systems, Stellar and Learning Modules (LMOD). It is possible to use some Learning Modules features with Stellar as well. The major difference from the Student perspective is the interface. You can tell which system your course is using by looking at the URL. All options allow you to access course information and depending on how your course is set up you may be able to select recitation sections, submit assignments, receive feedback, join discussions and see a course syllabus/calendar.


Troubleshooting & FAQs

Where to go for help

Help Needed Where to go
Course Registration Status Check yours at: WebSIS For issues: Registrar's office
Login to Stellar/LMOD, Duo Authentication (lost/stolen device, other issues), Touchstone Collaboration Account issues, Outages (server down), Obtaining Kerberos Accounts IS&T Service Desk
Course Access If it's been more than 24-48 hours since your registration showed up in WebSIS, but you still don't have permissions to access your course, contact your Instructor/TA.
Change your Recitation Depending on the site permissions you may be able to do it yourself in Stellar/LMOD, if not contact your Instructor/TA.
Permissions, materials access, deadlines, submission dates Instructors/TAs control these settings; contact them directly.
Cross-registered student access Should register for MIT Kerberos accounts and be granted access automatically.
Preferred Name Set your administrative name at

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March 30, 2020

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