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Set Up OpenConnect VPN on an Android 5.0

Use the controls at the bottom of the image to navigate.
The MIT Mobile Team has yet to confirm to that "Cisco AnyConnect" app will work on all Android L devices. The following instructions detail how to use a program called "Open Connect" to connect to the MIT VPN network.
  1. Go to Google Play Store.

  2. In the Play Store, search for the OpenConnect program and install it.

  3. Open the OpenConnect program once the install is finished.

  4. On the OpenConnect screen, select the Add prompt at the top right of the screen.

  5. On the Add Profile screen, enter one of the following addresses:
  6. You will then a screen detailing the MIT VPN statistics. Press Back on your Android device to return to the OpenConnect screen.

  7. If you entered the previous information correctly, you will see the a VPN profile called MIT. Select it.

  8. On the MIT Login screen, enter in the following information:
    • username is your MIT username
    • password is your MIT Kerberos password
    • Duo Authentication users will see a "2nd Password" field. Enter one of the following:
      • push - Duo will send a push notification to your registered cell phone with the Duo Security mobile app installed
      • push2 - Duo will send a push notification to your _second registered device with the Duo Security mobile app installed_
      • sms - Duo will send an SMS to your registered cell phone
      • Phone -Duo will call your registered phone
      • Phone2 -Duo will call your second registered phone
      • The one time code generated by your hardware token or the Duo Security mobile app (the code changes every 60 seconds)
  9. Once you have submitted your credentials and completed Duo Authentication, if required, you will be welcomed to MIT's VPN. Click OK to connect.

  10. If all the information was entered correctly, the last screen will indicate you are connected to the MIT VPN network. Also take note of the key icon at the top left of the screen. It is another indicator that you are currently connected to the VPN network.

As a last test once you are connected to the MIT VPN, open your preferred browser and go to the following website: If you have a 18.101 IP address, the OpenConnect app is successfully connected to the VPN.

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August 04, 2016

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