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Searching in GAP

There are three ways to search in GAP: by Student, by Appointment, and by Cost Object.

Searching by Student

  1. Search for (a) student(s) by using one or more of the fields on the Student Details tab.
  2. First, select the Student Course. This field will default to your primary department, but you may choose another course from the dropdown menu if desired. (Course Option is optional.)
  3. Adjust the Aid Year and Period if needed.
  4. To locate a particular student, enter either the student’s MIT ID or their name and click Search. TIP: Entering a portion of a name will return all matching results; e.g. entering “Mar” will return any student with those three letters beginning their first or last name. Wildcards are not recognized.
    To find a list of students, use the Advisor/Supervisor fields if desired. Choose whether you want to see all students, or only those with/without appointments, and then click Search. TIP: Advisors to be searched will only be those listed with the Registrar.
  5. Results display below the search fields.
    If you are unable to find a student, it may be they are not eligible for an appointment for the term you selected

Searching by Appointment

  1. Search for appointment(s) by using one or more of the search fields on the Appointment Details tab.
    If you are searching for a particular appointment and know the appointment number, just enter that into the Appointment Number field.
    If you do not know the appointment number, search using one or more of the other fields. Not all fields need to be entered.
  2. Be sure to adjust the Aid Year and Term if needed before clicking Search.
  3. Results display below the search fields.

Searching by Cost Object

  1. Adjust the Aid Year and Period if needed.
  2. Enter the search criteria into the other fields. Not all fields need to be entered. Click Search.
  3. Results display below the search fields

Viewing/Working with the Search Results

There are two views, View by Student and View by Appointment.

View by Student

This view displays the student’s information and the total amount of any appointments/awards they have for the term selected. The number of appointments the student has will be listed at the far right. A More button at the beginning of a line allows you to create a new appointment for the student, or view that student's appointment history.

View by Appointment

This view displays the individual appointments. Click on an appointment number to open the actual appointment. Use the Actions button on the top right of the appointment view to Copy, Change or Delete the appointment if desired.

Text at the bottom of the results provides a summary of the search just run. To refine the results, click Search again and you will return to the original search fields with the entries you made retained. Delete those if desired before searching again.

Exporting the Search Results

If you want to export the search results to a spreadsheet, see Exporting Reports.

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April 07, 2017

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