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SLP Laptop - Out of Box Setup Walkthrough

  1. Power on the computer
  2. Select your country
  3. Select your keyboard layout
  4. Select a second layout or choose to skip
  5. Connect to a WiFi network when prompted.
  6. Give your computer a name
  7. When prompted for an account type, choose Set up for personal use. If you choose Set up for work or school you will not be able to log in.
  8. Sign into your computer using a Microsoft account. You may already have one if you have an Outlook email, Hotmail email, or Xbox live account. Otherwise click the link to "Create One" and follow the wizard to create your new Microsoft Account.
  9. Optional: Create Microsoft Account if you don't already have one
  10. Create a PIN to use to log into your computer. Please note: The PIN is tied to the hardware on this computer and is not valid for logging into your account on any other device.
  11. Choose your desired privacy options and click next.
  12. Choose any desired custom experiences or choose to skip.
  13. It's recommended to Back up your files with OneDrive. Click next or if you do not want to use OneDrive, please click "Only save file to this PC".
  14. Decline the offer for Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office apps will install automatically once you connect Windows to your School account.
  15. You can choose to Skip for now PC Game Pass if you do not want it.
  16. The intial setup should take a minute to complete and you will be at the Windows 11 desktop

This video demonstrates the above steps for the out-of-box setup.

Connect Windows 11 to my School Account

Enable BitLocker Disk Encryption

[Manual Synchronization]

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June 17, 2022

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