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SAPgui unable to connect macOS 11 Big Sur

SAP & Java on macOS Big Sur

SAP is reporting that all SAPgui for Java versions available today have issues running on macOS Big Sur because of various issues in the Java runtime. If the below steps do not work for you, please use Citrix on the VPN in the meantime.

SAP failing due to Ticket Viewer issue on Big Sur

This issue is resolved in macOS Big Sur 11.5.

Some MIT users may experience trouble connecting to SAPgui on Big Sur related to obtaining Kerberos tickets, and may encounter the following error message:

There is a bug in Ticket Viewer in Big Sur. In previous versions of macOS, when you Add Identity in Ticket Viewer, those tickets are valid immediately. In Big Sur, adding a new identity does not make those tickets immediately available. Use on of the two following methods to resolve this:

Method 1

Simply click the "Set as Default" button and the tickets will become valid. You will notice that the text on your identity becomes bold.

Method 2

Launch the terminal which can be found: Applications > Utilities --> Terminal.

After launching Terminal, enter the following command: 

kinit username (username = kerberos username)

You will then be prompted for your kerberos password. Once you've completed this step, launch SAPgui and attempt to connect. Once again, this is a workaround that may work for some users, but a 100% success rate is not expected. 

Please contact the IS&T Service Desk if you require any assistance: 617-253-1101 or 

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July 22, 2021

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