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Request Tracker Command Line Interface

The Request Tracker command-line client (rt) is installed in the tooltime locker on Athena. This is the vanilla command-line client that is part of the RT distribution. It is not one of the recommended ways to access RT or manipulate tickets. The RT web interface at is recommended for members of the MIT community working with RT tickets. However, the command-line client is installed and, based on what limited testing we have done, appears to work.


  • The RT command-line client uses RT's REST API, which means what you can do is much more limited than the full web application's functionality
  • Authentication for the command-line client is limited to using your internal RT password; Touchstone (Certificates or Kerberos) will not work
  • Typos and mistakes can lead to unintended and irreversible ticket operations; use with caution and at your own risk


You will need your internal RT password to use the command-line client. This is not normally a known/set password. Because of the way RT implements secure password changes (you need to know your old password in order to change it) the password needs to be initially set for you by a system administrator.

Protect your password
You will have the same level of access in RT whether you use your internal password or authenticate via Touchstone. Actions taken will be logged as you. Please protect your RT internal password as you would your Kerberos password. Do not share it. Choose something that no one will be able to guess.
  • Send mail to and ask to have your internal RT password set
  • Once it has been set, you can change it to something only you know through your RT About me page
Running the RT command-line client
athena% add tooltime
athena% rt show ticket/xxxxxx

The command-line client can be run interactively (by just typing rt) and entering a series of commands at the rt prompt, or as single commands as shown in the above example. Type rt help for basic instructions.

The command-line client will prompt you for your username and password when launched. It is possible to have the command-line client pull your username and password from environment variables RTUSER and RTPASSWD. Only set the RTPASSWD variable for your interactive session if you decide to use it at all. Don't store your password in a profile file.

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July 28, 2021

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