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New email alias - alternative to username change


I don't like my username, but understand that changing it is hard. Can I get an email alias instead?


Changing a username has many repercussions and can sometimes cause things to break. It's a lot simpler and safer to set up an email alias, and follow the guides below.

You likely want to do the following:

  1. Set up an email alias.
  2. Put that alias into the "From" address in your mail program.
  3. List the alias in the MIT directory.

To set up the alias, use the manual list request form on the lower half of Under information about your list, the list name is the name that you want the alias to have, and the members are who the alias should deliver email to — for example, your current username.

For the second step, you usually need to go into your mail program’s preferences and find the place where you have a “From” address. Different programs have different places for this. If you need help with a particular program, please contact us after you have the alias set up.

For the third step, you can configure a preferred email address to appear in the MIT directory. Start at and go to the Personal Information section under My Profile. The area for Work Address and Phone lets you enter your preferred email address.

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