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Navigating and Making Changes to Your Drupal Site

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Logging Into Your Site

As a site administrator you can log in to your site to make changes. From your site's home page click Login using Touchstone.

Drupal Home page not logged in

Once you are logged in your screen will look like this.

Drupal Home page logged in

Using the Menu (Administrative Toolbar)

As an administrator you have access to options which can change the design and functionality of your site. These options are accessed through the admin menu, or administrative toolbar, across the top of your screen. You may need to click Menu to toggle the admin menu on and off.

Drupal cloud menu

Also on the top level of the menu, Home will return you to the Home page. Shortcuts toggles a customizable menu. You'll see in a minute how to add items to your shortcut menu. Finally, the Account menu with your Kerberos email gives you access to your profile and the Log out link.

Here is a quick description of each of the choices on the admin menu.

Dashboard a customizable menu to track site traffic
Content view your current pages or add a new one
Structure the place to access Blocks and and to work with Menus
Appearance holds the basic formatting options for your site
People assign users permission to view certain pages or perform certain functions
Configuration access some of the more technical functionality of your site
Modules turn functions on and off
Reports access stock activity reports
Help explanations of many Drupal modules and functions

Making a Change to Your Site

Here are the basic steps for making all changes to your site.

1. Log in to your site
2. Click the your menu choice from the Administrator toolbar. This displays the options screen (overlay) for the menu choice.

Drupal overlay screen

3. Make your changes.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the overlay screen and click Save. You will see a confirmation at the top of the page.

Drupal save confirmation message

5. Click the X at the top right to close the overlay

Some Things to Consider when Making Edits

  • You will need to be logged in to make changes.
  • As always, you will want to save often. If you leave an edit window open without saving for too long, your login session may time out.
  • Some screen areas show an edit tab. Others will show a gear icon when you hover at the top right of the area. Click the tab or gear.

edit tab and gear icon

  • It may be advantageous to have two browser tabs open. You can be logged in and make edits in one tab then view those edits as a user in the second tab. Be sure to refresh your browser after each edit.
  • To change how your site looks begin by using the Appearance overlay screen. This is easier than customizing with the CSS Injector. You can learn more about the Appearance overlay options in the Drupal Cloud Home Page section Getting Started with Your Drupal Cloud Site.

Using the Content Management Links

The Content Management links on the lower left are quick links to pages where you can make changes. All of these pages are also accessible through the menus. For example, Configure menus opens the same screen for working with menus but gets you there in fewer clicks.

Content management links

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April 25, 2016

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