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MIT VoIP Broadsoft Cloud Troubleshooting and FAQs

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Why is the softphone I just set up able to make calls, but not ringing?

  • If you have call forwarding set up, your softphone won't ring.
  • Your sound is turned all the way down.
  • You have a headset plugged in that you're not wearing.
  • A bluetooth audio device is connected that you're not listening to.
  • You have set your phone to ring 0 times before forwarding to voicemail.
  • Your account is in "Do Not Disturb" mode.
  • You have turned "VoIP Mode" off on your Softphone.

Why isn't my softphone able to make calls?

  • Softphone functionality wasn't enabled in the portal. Enable it and try again.
  • A typo when entering your softphone settings. Delete your app, reinstall and try again.
  • You have no connectivity with your mobile device. Connect to wi-fi and/or enable cellular data in your phone's settings to allow the app to make calls.
  • You're using the mit-guest network, which does not support VoIP traffic. Switch to cellular data, the mit-secure or eduroam network.

Where should I install a Softphone?

You will probably want to install the Broadsoft Communicator on your workstation as well as your mobile device. This allows you to use video chat on your workstation without having to find a stand for your phone or hold it awkwardly. It also notifies you of calls on your desktop in case your phone is out of sight.

How do I select the number of rings before a call is sent to voicemail?

It uses the same value set in the Call Forwarding No Answer setting for the number of rings before a call is forwarded. Sending a call to the voicemail system is a type of forwarding, and sending unanswered calls to voicemail is the default system setting.

The following image shows calls set to forward to voicemail after 4 rings.

If you set it to 0 rings, your phone will not ring.

Why am I getting a "Failed to retrieve configuration" error when I try to login to my softphone?

At this time, BroadSoft has discontinued iOS softclient service for our BroadSoft accounts and there’s no expected timeline for a replacement.

I'm trying to create a schedule for Sequential Ringing or Call Forwarding Selective. Where do I do that?

Schedules are created in the Web Portal under Profile > Schedules as schedules can be used for multiple features. These schedules then can be used in Sequential Ringing and Call Forwarding Selective.

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