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MIT Events Calendar - Calendar Feeds and Embedding

The MIT Events calendar offers a variety of methods for subscribing to calendar feeds and embedding calendars in other websites. Users wishing to subscribe to MIT events in their personal calendar can subscribe to iCal or RSS feeds. For those users wishing to embed calendars on their websites, Localist offers Widgets that can be generated with specific calendar views and options and then be pasted into another website. And for users with more advanced needs, a REST API can be used to read data from Localist into other applications.

Tips for using Widgets

  • Be sure the URL referenced in the Widget code uses "https", otherwise the calendar may not display in your site.
  • Try the different styles to see which fits your site best, but using the style "None" may be best for picking up your sites styling.
  • If you're using the Widget in a sidebar (such as "Sidebar first" and "Sidebar second" in the MIT DLC Drupal Cloud theme) you will likely want to keep event descriptions set to "Brief" or "None", and hide event images. You may also want to use CSS code to adjust the styling of the Widget (see below).

Custom CSS for Widgets

Widgets should pick up the styling of your site, but you may need to make adjustments, for example making the mini calendar font smaller if you are trying to fit it in a sidebar. Here are some of the classes used in the Widget:

  • .localist_minicalendar - this controls the mini calendar styling and can be used to reduce the font side if needed
  • .localist_minicalendar_events - this controls the styling of the event list

For Drupal Cloud (and other Drupal) users

Drupal Cloud users should use the Widget Builder to generate the code for a Widget that can then be embedded into the site. The Widget can be pasted into any part of the site that allows for full HTML editing, for maximum flexibility we advise creating a block for the calendar and paste the Widget into that. The block can then be displayed in different regions of the site as appropriate.

Using advanced parameters for more control

Localist's widgets support additional capabilities and parameters than are available from their widget builder form. For example, you can create widgets that show events spanning several groups or departments, and how recurring events are handled.

Work-arounds for embedding a monthly calendar

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March 08, 2023

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