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Jamf Pro - Securing a stolen iOS device with Lost Mode

Jamf Pro allows you to enable Lost Mode on supervised iOS devices, which includes all devices enrolled in DEP Prestage Enrollment. Lost Mode is similar to the consumer "Find My iPhone" feature, but centrally managed by IT without the need for an AppleID. For more information on DEP enrollment for Supervision, see Jamf Pro - Mobile Device Enrollment for more information on DEP.

Lost Mode will lock down the device and display a message on screen. From there, the device cannot be used until it is unlocked from the JSS. This is similar to the consumer "Find My iPhone". Because DEP-enrolled devices are forced to enroll in Jamf Pro on first use, a thief cannot simply wipe the device to use it.

Enabling Lost Mode

  • In the JSS, open the record for your lost or stolen mobile device.
  • Click on the Management tab.
  • Click the Enable Lost Mode button.
  • Enter a message to display on the iPad's lock screen. Optionally, you can also include a phone number and a footnote at the bottom of the screen.

Tracking a device in Lost Mode

  • Once Lost Mode is enabled, you can track the device's location in the JSS. Open the device record and select Security, under the Inventory tab.
  • Click on the displayed coordinates to see the location of the device in Apple Maps.
  • Note that if the device is offline, it will not be able to report its location.

Disabling lost mode.

  • Once your device is found, simply go back into the JSS, and click on Disable Lost Mode under the Management Tab of your device.
  • Once disabled, the device will stop reporting its location to Jamf Pro.

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November 06, 2018

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