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Q: I received a UDP reflection attack notice


Periodically, IS&T's Security Operations Team will scan MITnet for known bad behaviors that indicate a system compromise. When these behaviors are detected, notices are sent to registered host owners asking them to investigate and address the issue.

Why did I receive this notification?

You received this notification because a host registered to you, or in your area of responsibility, was observed participating in a Denial of Service attack against other hosts on MITnet and/or the greater Internet.

What triggers this alert?

A host on MIT's network sending out an exceptionally large volume of traffic using a known-and-frequently-abused UDP service. This behavior, called a UDP amplification attack, is used to overwhelm a victim system.

What should I do?

If you have a locale IT support liaison, we recommend contacting them for support.

If you are the administrator of the host in question, we recommend you:

  • disable the service if it's not necessary; 
  • adjust your firewall configuration so it only serves certain IP ranges; 

If you do not have a local IT support liaison, you can contact the IS&T Help Desk.

What if I have additional questions?

Additional questions can be directed to the IS&T Help Desk or the Security Operations Team.

Notices sent out to host owners will be in the following format:


IS&T has observed activity which indicates a computer registered to you (or in your area of responsibility) is actively participating in a UDP-based Denial of Service attack that is impacting networks outside of MIT. The following computer is generating malicious and egregious amounts of $service_name traffic:

IP Address: []
Observed: [DATE]

Please take steps to resolve this issue immediately.

If you need assistance, please contact IS&T's Computing Help Desk (


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February 26, 2015

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