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Github Accounts After Graduation or Leaving MIT


What happens to a GitHub account and associated repositories when an individual leaves MIT?

Access to the GitHub account remains in place as long as your MIT email address and associated Kerberos account is active. Student accounts are typically deactivated in the January following your graduation date, and staff accounts are typically deactivated at the end of employment.

Github organizations will remain as long as a current MIT user is one of the owners. You can transfer the repository to someone else with an MIT email address.

Here are the transfer instructions to transfer a repository between organizations:

IS&T is no longer offering Touchstone Collaboration accounts. Until a new collaboration account system is launched, please contact the IS&T Service Desk if you need access to any products or services.
CAMS users
Once an MIT Kerberos user is deactivated, any repos associated with that user are removed from MIT's GitHub instance. If a CAMS user has been granted access to that repo, they'll no longer be access it at that point. In order to gain access to anything in that repo, the MIT user (not the CAMS user) associated with the repo should contact the Service Desk for support.

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August 14, 2023

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