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Gillware is a professional data recovery service located in Madison, Wisconsin. MIT does not have a recommended vendor partner for data recovery services, but if clients are considering sending a drive to Gillware for recovery, MIT has a standing discount and account representative with them. Gillware is smaller than DriveSavers, but tends to have more lower-cost options than DriveSavers.

MIT-Specific Information

Members of the MIT community wishing to send a drive to Gillware for recovery need to log in on their web site using the MIT-assigned username and password and fill out the online hard drive service form:

As a member of Gillware's Collegiate Discount Program, all faculty, staff, and students at MIT will receive a 10% discount on all data recovery services. Their services have no upfront diagnostic or data recovery attempt fees. In addition, Gillware's File Viewer software allows customers to view a detailed listing of all files recovered prior to paying any service fees.

MIT Account Representative

Cost Estimation Guidelines

This information was provided by Gillware. MIT is not able to verify all of this information, and it may not be indicative on the price/cost of any particular future recovery. It is provided here for your convenience, not as a predictor.

Average Pricing Gillware Inc. Industry
Diagnostics Free $100.00
Ground Shipping Free $15.00
Media (5 DVDs) Free $30.00
Microsoft OS Recovery $500.00 $1500.00
Macintosh OS Recovery $700.00 $2000.00

Most recent pricing sheet from vendor (not showing MIT discount)

Promotional materials for MIT from Gillware

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IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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May 02, 2016

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