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Dropbox Team Folders


A team folder is a powerful tool for sharing with your team. Team folders are available to Dropbox Business and Dropbox free teams.

Key Features

  • Automatically sync content in team folders to all group members.
  • Choose to share individual files or folders inside a team folder.

How to Obtain

To request a Dropbox Team Folder, contact the IS&T Service Desk with the following information:

  1. Name of the Team folder
  2. Owner(s) of the Team folder
  3. Brief description of the purpose/use case for the Team folder
  4. Names of members that will need access to the Team folder
  5. What level of access should be granted to the members of the Team folder

How to Use

Team folders are shared with groups and are the hub of content for a team. The group is assigned a role (either as editor or view-only) to the team folder. If you need access to a team folder you are not a member of, contact your administrator to be added to the relevant group.

Share Content Inside Team Folders

  1. Sign in to with your MIT account.
  2. Click on your team folder.
  3. Locate the folder you want to share.
  4. Choose Share.
  5. Type the email or name of the person you would like to invite into the textbox.
    1. Names in blue are members of your team.
    2. Names in yellow are not members of your team.
  6. Choose Share. The people you invite must accept the invitation before they can access the content inside the folder.

For more information, visit the Dropbox Team Folders page.

Storage Quota

Shared folders count towards the quota of the owner of the shared folder. Team folders count towards the team folder quota, not your personal quota. Team folder quota issues will be raised with the department, lab, or center administrators of the team folder.

For more information, see Dropbox Quota FAQ.

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April 05, 2021

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