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How do I download an SAP report to Excel?


  1. After executing the report, click the Download button. The Download button will be in the gray area directly under the report name, such as Detail Transaction Report, or Summary Statement.
    Result: A Save As window will open, allowing you to select the location on your machine where you wish to download the file, and the file name.
  2. Browse to the desired location, and enter a name for the report, ending in .xls.
  3. By default, Excel may view the data as text. In order to be able to do calculations within Excel, follow these steps:
    1. Open the file in Excel.
    2. Select the Amount column (or any other column that you want to use as numbers in formulas).
    3. From Excel's Menu bar, click Data > Text to Columns....
    4. On the window that appears, make sure that the Original data type indicator is Delimited. If not, click the button beside Delimited.
      Text to column window
    5. Click Finish.
      Result: The contents of the cells are now numbers instead of text.

Two additional issues:

  • The numbers are formatted as left-justified. You may want to click on the Right-justified format button in the Excel toolbar.
  • Credit amounts (negative numbers) don't come out right. The DTR report formats these as "4000.00-" and not "-4000.00". Since the DTR negative numbers don't look like numbers to Excel, it leaves them as text. The only thing you can do is retype the cell contents as a negative number. This is an extra manual step. To avoid this, you can run the report from the Data Warehouse, in BrioQuery, and export the results to Excel from there.

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