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Displaying the MIT Events Calendar on Your Drupal Site

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Drupal Cloud can display data from the MIT Events Calendar. You can display your own event entries, or events from any other group.

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About the Events Calendar

To use the Events calendar you will need to do two things:

  1. Place the calendar blocks where you would like them to be displayed.
  2. Configure the calendar to show your event group(s) and choose a desired display layout.

There are two blocks already created for you to use - MIT Events: Groups and MIT Events: View - but they are disabled by default. These blocks will need to be moved to a region of your choice. Typically they are positioned to the left of the main content in the sidebar first region, or on the right side of the main content in the region sidebar second.

Through the configuration process explained below, these blocks may be set up to display the calendar information in different ways. Detail information is displayed automatically on a dynamic page.

A small calendar showing only dates will be displayed. When a date is clicked more event information is revealed in a larger calendar or in a list. Clicking a specific event in the larger calendar will reveal the full event details.

You can also choose to show the groups which are displayed in your calendar.

Moving and Renaming the Events Calendar Block

  1. Click Structure, then Blocks.
  2. In the disabled list of blocks at the bottom, find MIT Events: Groups.
  3. Move this block to a region (e.g., Sidebar first).
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the MIT Events: View block.
  5. You can add a Title to override the default block name by clicking configure to the right of the block name.
  6. Click Save blocks.

Main and Detail views

Here is a view of the blocks displayed in the Sidebar first region. The calendar is not yet configured. We will do that next.

Main and Detail views

Configuring the Events Calendar

From the Admin menu click Configuration, then from the MIT Drupal Cloud section click Events Calendar.

There are four tabs with various options.

Info Tab Here you may enter a name and description for your calendar in the given fields. These are optional.

Main and Detail views

After making changes you must click Save configuration before moving to another tab, or your changes will be lost!
Groups Tab Select up to five groups whose events you wish to display. You may wish to click Refresh Groups if this is your initial setup. To change a group, open the popup menu and choose a different group. To delete a group, open the popup menu, scroll to the top and select the blank line. In the Group Display Block check Display Group Names to show a list of the groups in addition to their events. When visible the list of name can also be used to filter information. Uncheck the box to hide the entire block from view.

Main and Detail views

Page Tab A dynamic page is generated when a calendar date is clicked. To configure this page select the fields that you wish to display. The Format can be set to Calendar or List view. Be sure to select fields for the Main view and the Event Detail view. Try to limit the information you display in the Main view especially in the Calendar format to conserve space. You can show more in the Event Detail view.

Main and Detail views

Block Tab Select the fields that you wish to display in the MIT Events: View: block. The Format can be set to Calendar or List view. Calendar view shows a small calendar by month. List view will display as much information as you choose to show. Try to limit the information you display in the List view to conserve space. More information is displayed on a page when an event is selected.

Main and Detail views

Showing the Calendar Block(s) Only on Your Home Page

  1. Click Structure, then Blocks.
  2. Locate the desired block (MIT Events: Groups, MIT Events: View) and click configure.
  3. Scroll to the Visibility settings.
  4. Choose Only the Listed Pages.
  5. Add <front> to the field.
  6. Click Save blocks.

Viewing the Calendar

With Calendar selected as your Block display format, your Home page will look like the following screenshot.

Main and Detail views

Click a day to display more information. If your Page display format is Formatted List you will see a list with the selected date at the top and all the events for that day.

Main and Detail views

Click an event in this list to see the Event detail view.

Main and Detail views

Click See more events to display the month as a larger calendar with details or as a formatted list, depending on your Page display format selection.

Main and Detail views

Click a name in the Group list to filter the calendar. This calendar is displayed when the group Literature Section is clicked.

Main and Detail views

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April 25, 2016

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