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Delete a hostname or static ip address for FSILG network contacts

FSILG network contacts do not have permissions to delete host records. The proper way to delete a hostname is to mark the status as deleted. It will eventually be purged from your network.


1. Start moira:

     athena% /usr/athena/bin/moira

(Note: At any time in creating or updating a host entry before the "operational comment", pressing CTRL-C will cancel the changes.)

2. Check for existing hosts; type "4" for the Machine Menu in the moira interface. Screen should show:

     1. (show) Get machine information.
     2. (query) Lookup machines.
     3. (owner) Lookup machines by owner.
     4. (acctnumber) Lookup machines by account number.
     5. (add) Add a new machine.
     6. (update) Update machine information.
     7. (delete) Delete this machine.
     8. (cnames) Alias names for machines.
     9. (mappings) Machine To Cluster Mappings Menu.
     r. (return) Return to previous menu.
     t. (toggle) Toggle logging on and off.
     q. (quit) Quit.

3. Update the host record:

      Type 6 for update

4. Change the status to deleted (status 3)

    * Network
    * Machine Hostname
    * Vendor - IBM, SUN, APPLE, etc.
    * OS - WINXP, MACOSX, LINUX, etc.
    * Location - in the form Network-Room (e.g. W84-25B1 for Tang Apt. 25B1)
    * Contact - <username>
    * Billing Contact - (Leave Blank)
    * Billing Account Number - (Leave Blank)
    * *Status - "3" Deleted*
    * Address - "unique" (Should be the default)
    * Owner Type - "USER"
    * Owner's Name - <username>
    * Administrative Comment - (Leave Blank)
    * Operational Comment - (Leave Blank)

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November 21, 2013

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