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Course Management FAQ

Questions about Stellar and Learning Modules (LMOD) systems

From the Fall 2013 term, the classic Stellar system has been in maintenance mode while efforts are being made to develop its replacement, the modular Learning Modules system, (LMOD).

IS&T is reviewing the development plan of Learning Modules systems as a whole. The previously scheduled 2016-17 community rollout of the full LMOD platform with the intent to replace Stellar will be postponed to review existing functionality and bolster performance.

What if I have already transitioned my course(s) to the Learning Modules platform completely?

We recommend staying with LMOD, as backwards compatibility from LMOD to Stellar is not fully supported. That said, Stellar sites from previous terms will still be preserved and accessible in their archived state. If you have any questions, or would like advice or assistance regarding the LMOD, Hybrid, and Classic configurations, please contact Help Desk.

Is Stellar going away and if so, when?

No, Stellar is still supported and remaining in place for the foreseeable future. There is no deadline for transitioning to the full-featured LMOD system. Until further notice, IS&T plans to support users on both the hybrid Stellar/LMOD system and the full Learning Modules system.

What exactly is a hybrid Stellar/LMOD site?

The hybrid Stellar/LMOD site contains tools from the classic Stellar system as well as modules in the LMOD system. All sites will use the LMOD Membership Service and Gradebook Module, but depending upon the configuration options that were available and/or chosen at the time your site was provisioned, you may have one or more of the following Learning Module tools: Materials, Forum, Calendar or Homework/Assignments.

What Stellar and Learning Modules options are currently available?

When requesting a site, users may currently select one of three configurations:

  1. Learning Modules (LMOD) system: Every tool on the site will be in LMOD. The course site will still be linked from the Stellar Course Guide.
  2. Hybrid system with classic Stellar & LMOD: A hybrid site uses LMOD Membership, Homework, Materials & Calendar Modules, but retains the legacy Announcements, Forum, and Class/Section home pages.
  3. Classic Stellar: A classic Stellar site uses LMOD Membership, but retains the legacy Materials, Homework, Announcements, Forum, Calendar and Class/Section home pages.

Can I choose to stay on the hybrid Stellar/LMOD system?

Yes, however, we recommend staying with a set up that is at least equivalent in its LMOD usage.

How can I learn more about the future of Stellar and the Learning Modules system?

Learn more about both systems at Course Management at MIT and check the IS&T News page for any updates.

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December 01, 2016

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