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CertAid for Safari and Google Chrome

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It's recommended to run CertAid to update your identity preferences or trusted domains for Safari. Google Chrome, which uses the certificates of an operating system's default browser, in this case Safari on the Mac, will then also have an updated Certificate Authority and identity preferences. This is to ensure that your able to access MIT applications such as Atlas.

CertAid will resolve issues such as:

  • Unable to view the dropdown menus for JV types in the Create JV screen in Atlas.
  • Continue button is non-responsive in the Create JV screen in Atlas.

In addition, MIT certificates can be installed or renewed using CertAid. See Installing and Managing Certificates for Mac using CertAid 2.x.

Update identity preferences or trusted domains

Use this process if you already have a valid, current personal certificate in Safari, but need to configure it to work with certain sites at MIT.

You may need to follow these steps if:

  • Your certificate works properly on some certificate-protected sites but not others.
  • The administrator of a certificate-protected website at MIT asks you to run this tool or "update your identity preferences".
  • Unable to access PDF for paystubs in Atlas.
    • Receive paystub error: "HTTP Status 404-/paystubs/restart.jsp"
      Paystubs Error
  1. Download and launch CertAid 2.x.
    Note: Install any updates if prompted.
    Result: The Welcome to CertAid screen is displayed.
    Welcome screen
  2. Select Update my identity preferences and click Continue.
    Result: The Choose An Identity dialog box is displayed.
    Choose an identity
  3. Select the MIT personal certificate you would like to configure and click Choose.
    Result: The Identity Preferences screen is displayed.
    Progress bar
  4. The Identity Preferences window displays the progress of configuring your personal certificate to work with certain certificate-protected MIT websites. Once completed, click Done.
    Result: CertAid quits.

Unable to complete New Hire activities

Use this process if you already have a valid, current personal certificate in Safari, but need to configure it to work with certain sites at MIT.

You may need to follow these steps if:

  • User is a New Hire and can't move past the personal information tile for New Hire activities without error.
  1. Open Keychain Access.
    Note: You can use the Mac Finder Utility to find it.
    Result: Keychain Access is found.
    Keychain Access
  2. On the left hand side in the Category section, select My Certificates.
    Result: MIT Certificate is displayed.
    My Certificates
  3. On the menu select File > New Identity Preference. Then in the dialog box for Location enter:
    Note: Your certificate selected above will now appear.
    Result: Dialog box with location entered and certificate selected is displayed.
    New Identity Preference
  4. Click Add and close Keychain Access.
  5. Retry the New Hire application.

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August 03, 2020

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