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Can't use discovery services on the wireless network

The wireless network infrastructure at MIT is configured to not pass multicast traffic. This change was put in place to reduce contention and ensure fast, reliable wireless connections on the MIT, MIT N and MIT GUEST networks. Please see below for information and potential workarounds for some of the applications.

Unable to print to a wireless printer

Printers that connect to the network with a wireless card are often configured to work over Bonjour or similar zero configuration protocols. Multicast traffic is no longer passed on the wireless network. Printers should be connected to the wired ethernet and configured with a static IP address. This will enable computers to connect to the printer using the IP address or an MIT hostname.

iTunes library sharing doesn't work

iTunes library sharing uses Apple's Bonjour protocol and will not work on the MIT wireless network. We suggest connecting computers to the wired ethernet if this service is needed.

iPhone remote applications don't work

Some iPhone or iPad applications allow you to remotely control your computer or other devices over the network. These programs usually use Bonjour for identifying and connecting to the application or device that's being controlled. At this time, these features are unavailable.

Other devices that may be impacted:

  • Network Attached Storage devices
  • Wireless media streaming devices

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August 31, 2016

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