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Arranging Content Using Views

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A View allows you to pull content dynamically and arrange it in many different ways. One advantage of a view is that it will update automatically as new content is added.

You control which content to draw from and which fields from that content to display. The view may be created as a page or a block. You can display your data in several different formats, e.g., grid, table, or popup (jump) list.

Blog is an examples of a view. To configure the Blog view, click Structure, then Views from the admin menu.

open blogs view

Here is the list of Views in this theme.

view options page

Click Edit on the row for the Blog view to see the full set of configuration choices for the Blog view. Note that the Blog view includes a block which may be placed in a region of your choosing and also will generate pages dynamically.

view options page

For more information about Views see the video Drupal 7 Essential Training Chapter 14: Displaying Information with Views.

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April 25, 2016

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