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Access network drive while logged in to Citrix Receiver

Some departments, labs or centers may store BrioQuery reports (.bqy files) on a centralized server. Macintosh users who have connected to a server from their Mac can follow the steps below to access that server from their Citrix session.


  1. Navigate in your web browser, with certificates, to
    Note: From off campus, you will need to first connect to the MIT VPN.
  2. Launch an application, such as BrioQuery or Internet Explorer.
    Result: Citrix Viewer launches.
  3. Follow the menu path Citrix Viewer > Preferences.
    "Citrix viewer preferences

  4. Select Devices.
    Devices tab

  5. Click the + beneath the Mapped Drives window.
    Result: A window appears allowing you to choose a drive letter and to browse to the server share.
    Drive letter screen

  6. Choose a drive letter, then select Browse.
  7. Browse to the server share connected to your Macintosh. It may be listed under Shared.
    Result: The server share is added to the list.
  8. Place a check in the left hand column, select to Allow Read Access. Choose whether to allow Write access based on your department's protocol.
    Devices preference screen

  9. Quit Citrix Viewer.
    The next time that you log in to Citrix Receiver, the mapped drive will be available.

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August 04, 2020

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