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Tips n' Tricks and Becoming a Knowledge Base Black Belt

These are notes from a student help desk training meeting. If you're looking for Knowledge Base documentation and getting started information, see: The Knowledge Base Handbook

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  • Always check to see if you're logged in.
  • Never copy from the web or word docs. Did you? Then revert and put it in a plain text editor first.
  • Revert. Revert. Revert.
  • Ask for help.

Spaces Overview

Spaces you may not know about

Category Space

Glossary of IT terms

The Knowledge Base Handbook

  • Check here for documentation and info about using The Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base Style Guide


Knowledge Base Best Practices

  • Titles
  • Labels
    • When to add labels? Any time you can think of one.
    • Add labels with multiple spellings or phrasings to increase search odds. For an installing known issues document include: install, installing, issue, issues, problem, problems, troubleshooting, error and any other relevant words you know. Knowledge Base search isn't always smart enough to find an article that has the word install when you search on installing.
    • How do I add labels to an article?
  • Insert a Table of Contents – {kbtoc}
  • What if I find a bad article?
    • If it's totally useless, archive it.
    • Fix it yourself!
    • If you can't or aren't comfortable doing that, comment directly on the article saying what's wrong. Maintainers review comments and it lets users see the correction right away.
    • Click on the feedback buttons. Inaccurate and Obsolete give you space to comment. This creates an RT ticket. Maintainers will review the feedback.

Frequently & Infrequently Asked Questions

The K.B. Handbook

Documentation and information about using The Knowledge Base

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October 10, 2019

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