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The share-panel macro inserts a panel on a page that displays useful links for sharing the article in various ways. In particular it displays both an anchored link and the text of the Tiny Link to the article, a direct link to Confluence's "Email this article" form for an article, a link to pull up the wiki markup code (useful for article writers and editors who might want to copy an interesting article) and a link to pull up a PDF version formatted for printing. It is called with code like this from the Theme Builder layout used for article (content) spaces in The Knowledge Base:


Because there is no way of accessing the Confluence tiny URL from within a user macro, we actually need to pass the output of another (system) macro into the share-panel macro, to allow the share-panel macro to then extract the tiny URL. The builder-show macro is a common wrapper used by Theme Builder to prevent the macro from displaying versions of the page on which it shouldn't.

Screen shot of share-panel

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