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Identifying articles that need work

If you find an article that contains erroneous information, please take steps to correct it or alert the Knowledge Base team that it is in error. Options are:

  • Edit the article. if you do not have permissions, contact
  • Leave a comment on the article that contains all the information you have on the issue.
  • Click the "Obsolete" or "Inaccurate" feedback buttons and leave a note describing the issue with the article.
  • Add the r-content label to the article to add it to a list of articles that need review.

Knowledge Base maintainers will review all comments and feedback to add candidates for further content work to the list below. The more information you provide, the more likely authors with time to update articles will be able to address the issue you've found.

Articles in need of assistance

The following articles have been identified as needing improvement. Feel free to add any additional helpful feedback you may have to the "Suggested Improvements" and remove articles from the list (or ask to do so) once work is completed.

For authoring support, email or ask in the #knowledge slack channel.

Article Topic(s) Issues/Suggested Improvements
Printing SAPgui Reports with Multiple Pages per Sheet windows printing add info for newer versions of windows
[archive:How do I send mail FROM a mailing list when using Apple Mail with my Exchange account?] apple mail; exchange update for more recent version
Enabling Personal Firewalls windows 10, firewalls needs info for windows 10 added
AppleMail preview pane missing Apple mail; Mac OS X Solution provided only works for some users. Additional troubleshooting/solutions needed.
WebEx - How do I use the computer audio feature
Many complaints. Seems an OS issue. Needs research and updating.
How do I change the time interval that Outlook automatically checks or sends email?
Needs updates for current versions
[Windows 8 - Set up with a Static IP Address] Windows, networking Feedback that menu path is not accurate/does not work.
How do I connect to eduroam on an iOS device? iOS, eduroam, networking Screenshots are old and needs update for iOS 10
[Mobile Content Review - Sept 2016] mobile, email, networking, android Long list of Mobile content that needs updates. Content/screens are for older version of Android and iOS; needs updates for currency.
What does "Service Error 79" or "79.00FE" mean on the printer display? Printing error Printer manual says this is the solution and works sometimes, but multiple feedback reports say the issue recurs after this solution in some instances.
Atlas Reimbursements FAQ atlas reimbursements request for enhancement to add info on what to do if you enter erroneous info and need it corrected
[archive:How to change your setting for Compatibility mode for Internet Explorer]
IE need updated info for current version
[hd:An Introduction to Wikis at MIT]
attachments out of date and need help. The PDF "wikis-intro-3-2010" is great, but "intro-to-wikis-3.1-HO" seems to be older. However, "intro-to-wikis-3.1-HO" covers deleting a wiki and the other does not.

Articles flagged for Content review

These articles have been flagged for content review. No information was provided as to why, so each is a miniature research project. These articles should be reviewed and tested, then:

  • Archive: click the obsolete feedback button, leave a note as to why, and sign with your username so KB maintainers know who requested archival.
  • Keep as is: simply remove the r-content label from it.
  • Needs style/usability updates: replace the r-content label with the r-style label. A student Knowledge Base editor will perform an Article style review and correct it.
  • You can enhance or correct content: please update it.
  • You can identify the issue, but not update: add it to the table above or ask to do so. Please include as much information as you are able for issues/suggested improvements.

To add articles to this list, tag them with the label r-content. For more information on how to add a label to an article, see: How do I add labels to an article?

Page: How can I get started with a website? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How to Find Full Email Headers (Community Contributions)
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Page: How do I change my operating system's default application for opening PDFs? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How to clear your browsing history including your cache (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How do I properly configure an Apple Time Capsule for use on MITNet? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: CIS Backfill Documentation (IS&T Contributions)
Page: SCASUBJI User Interface (IS&T Contributions)
Page: CIM Courses Project Documentation (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Where are older Stellar course sites listed? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: When I try to type my username and password into Kerberos Manager I get the error message "Kerberos returned an error Unknown code ____y91." (IS&T Contributions)
Page: What's a MAC address and why do I need it? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Who should hold the copyright on my thesis? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Duplex (Double-Sided) Printing in Windows (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How can I view a Postscript file I just downloaded? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: What if no classroom training options are available? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Why does the Vacation System in Apple Mail not work? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Use f77 -c to compile modules separately (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Is the warranty on HP or Compaq computers valid internationally? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Can I prebook into a future section of a classroom? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How do I set my Mailman list to never hold anything for moderator approval? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: I am trying to set up double-sided printing to an Athena printer from a Windows machine, but the Printer properties will not retain the duplex settings. (IS&T Contributions)

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