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Granular access restrictions in the Knowledge Base

  • How can I restrict access in the knowledge base to a specific Moira group?
  • How can I restrict access to a knowledge base article to a particular team or department?



The Knowledge Base is designed as a public, community IT knowledge base. Access control and viewing restrictions are only available at a very high, functional level, not at a granular level. If you need to make documents available to specific individuals, teams, or groups, then a document management system or team space is probably a better choice than the public IT knowledge base. Do not use the Knowledge Base to store sensitive information or things you need to secure for access by a specific, controlled group of people.

Both the design and intent of the knowledge base encourages users to make as much information publicly available as possible, and for things that aren't quite ready for public consumption, to restrict them to a large pool of MIT IT staff who can make sense of unpolished or unfinished information.


Space-level access control
  • Putting articles in the IS&T Contributions (istcontrib), and Community Contributions (mitcontrib) spaces will make them publicly (world) readable
  • Putting articles in the Help Desk Internal (hd) or IS&T Drafts (istdraft) spaces will make them readable to a large group of people with IT roles at MIT, largely but not exclusively in IS&T
Page-level access control
  • Authors and editors can assign page-level access control to individual pages in addition to permissions applied to spaces
  • Page-level access can be limited by specific user, or by group
  • To reinforce the open nature of the knowledge as an MIT IT Knowledge Base, only a small number of groups exist:
    • confluence-users (effectively the MIT Community, who can log into the knowledge base)
    • hd-readers (the large group of IT staff who can read articles in the Help Desk Internal space
    • There are also various editor groups, which include people who have signed up to be able to create and edit articles

That's about it for access control granularity. As you can see, there are no such roles or groups as "IS&T only" or "Team XYZ only". If the information you need to store is so sensitive that it can not be broadly shared, it is probably not IT knowledge base information.

The Knowledge Base fully embraces and encourages transparency and openness regarding IT knowledge and its dissemination to the MIT Community. We encourage you to do the same as you consider useful IT knowledge in your area and whether or not you'd like to publish it in the knowledge base.

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May 04, 2012

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