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The Appfire plugin and page tree modifications can be downloaded from Appfire's release notebook for this project. Note that there are two versions. Be sure to pick up the later of the two, version 1.0.1. The files and installations instructions are also copied to this page.

- Locate Appfire deliverables. Found at
- Version to install is 1.0.1
- Two files for download:
	- mit-custom-search-browse-plugin-v1.0.1.jar
	- MIT Source Files
- Log into as root

- Copy above two files to temporary location (used /home/hermes/appfire)

- Set JAVA environment variables via "source /home/hermes/.bashrc"

- Stop Confluence on dolios via /home/hermes/confluence/bin/

- Copy "mit-custom-search-browse-plugin-v1.0.1.jar" to /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/WEB-INF/lib/

- Backup four files the Atlassian page tree fix replaces:

	mkdir /home/hermes/appfire/backup
	cp /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/includes/js/page-location.js /home/hermes/appfire/backup
    cp /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/pages/includes/page-location-form.vm /home/hermes/appfire/backup
    cp /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/template/xhtml/pagelist.vm /home/hermes/appfire/backup
    cp /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/users/pagepicker.vm /home/hermes/appfire/backup
- Copy Appfire version of files over installed version

- Unzip "MIT Source Files"

	cd /home/hermes
	unzip MIT\ Source\ Files\

This will unzip a number of files. The four we care about are in:

	/home/hermes/appfire/MIT v1.0.1/native and custom files/appfire-updates/template/xhtml/pagelist.vm
	/home/hermes/appfire/MIT v1.0.1/native and custom files/appfire-updates/users/pagepicker.vm
	/home/hermes/appfire/MIT v1.0.1/native and custom files/appfire-updates/pages/includes/page-location-form.vm
	/home/hermes/appfire/MIT v1.0.1/native and custom files/appfire-updates/includes/js/page-location.js

- Copy the four files to Confluence install directory:

	cd /home/hermes/appfire/MIT v1.0.1/native and custom files/appfire-updates
	cp ./template/xhtml/pagelist.vm /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/template/xhtml/
	cp ./users/pagepicker.vm /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/users/
	cp ./pages/includes/page-location-form.vm /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/pages/includes/
	cp ./includes/js/page-location.js /home/hermes/confluence/confluence/includes/js/
Answer yes when prompted to overwrite. Permissions and ownership on the replacement files should be inherited correctly.

- You may want to double-check your copies and locations.

- Restart Confluence:


- Log into Confluence on dolios as an administrator. Go to the administration page.

- Click on "Layouts" to edit site-wide default layouts, and create a custom space layout.

- Find the section:

#if ($velocityCount != 1) | #end
   #if ($mode == $item.key)
      <span style="padding: 5px; background-color: #f0f0f0;"><b>$item.label.getDisplayableLabel($req, $action.webInterfaceContext)</b></span>
      <a href="$$req, $action.webInterfaceContext)">$item.label.getDisplayableLabel($req, $action.webInterfaceContext)</a>
and replace it with:

#if ($item.key != 'list-content-tree' || $MITHelper.isShowTreeLabelFound($req) == 'true')
   #if ($velocityCount != 1) | #end
      #if ($mode == $item.key)
         <span style="padding: 5px; background-color: #f0f0f0;"><b>$item.label.getDisplayableLabel($req, $action.webInterfaceContext)</b></span>
         <a href="$$req, $action.webInterfaceContext)">$item.label.getDisplayableLabel($req, $action.webInterfaceContext)</a>

- Save your changes

- Go to the plugins section and verify that "MIT Custom Search/Browse Plugin v1.0.1" appears in the list of installed plugins

- Go to any "Browse Space" page, and verify that "Tree" does not appear as an option of different ways to view pages in a space

- Go to edit any page, and verify that the section for moving a page to a different space does not have a page tree control in it

- Done with Appfire modification installation

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