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Q: What are MIT's IP ranges?

What IP addresses might you see at MIT ?


This article collects information from multiple sources and presents it on a single page as a convenience, but could be out of date or missing information.

The ranges in the following table were compiled from a variety of locations, including ARIN data and an MIT Libraries page.

Range CIDR Notation ARIN Info Organizational Entity -
MIT-2 Most of campus.
Also see: Standard Building Subnets - MIT-2 Official CSAIL research activities (offices and servers in 32 and OC40) Guest (i.e., non-CSAIL) activities hosted on the CSAIL network (in 32 and OC40) Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems EECS lounge and classroom in 32 basement - MIT-2 CSAIL and non-CSAIL virtual machines in CSAIL's OpenStack cloud - MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA - See note 2 below MIT-7 Haystack Observatory, Tyngsboro, MA - MITNS ESnet* range used by LNS (Lab for Nuclear Science). - PSFC-1 ESnet* range used by Plasma Science Fusion Center, on campus
2603:4000:: - 2603:40ff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff 2603:4000::/24 MIT-2 Most of campus as/when IPv6 is rolled out.

*ESnet (Energy Sciences Network) is used by universities, research labs, national labs, etc.

Note 1: There are two separate ranges: and
Note 2: Haystack's IP range is actually 6 consecutive /24s. That is,,,, etc.

Woods Hole

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ("WHOI") has a long affiliation with MIT, and in some cases, their machines count as "on campus" (e.g. for access to, whereas in other cases they don't (access to some MIT Libraries digital resources). Users at Woods Hole who are unable to access certain digital resources on campus should try using the Remote Access VPN or contacting the administrators of that resource.

Woods Hole has the IP address range (128.128.x.x

Remote Access VPN Address Pools

  • {when connected from MITnet}

Note: IP addresses assigned to devices connected to the Remote Access VPN from outside of MITnet (e.g. home networks) will be NAT'd to a Prisma Access IP address when communicating out to sites on the Internet. No NAT is applied when connecting to destinations on MITnet.

Wi-Fi Ranges

  •   --NAT--> [MIT SECURE]
  •   --NAT--> [MIT]
  • --NAT--> [MIT GUEST]

Note: Devices are assigned an IP and then NAT'd to the target range when communicating out to sites on the Internet (or to destinations on the "MIT GUEST" Wi-Fi network)

Campus Firewall NAT Pool



Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

November 23, 2021

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