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Q: How can I print to cluster printers from a Windows 7 machine?

  • How can I configure Windows 7 to print to the cluster printers using CUPS?
  • Windows 7 - How do I print to Athena printers from my computer?


Note: We are investigating whether Windows 7 Starter has the ability to connect to networked printers. Please contact an RCC if you have a machine running Windows 7 Starter.
  1. From the Start menu, choose Devices and Printers.
    Start Menu

  2. Click Add a Printer
    Devices and Printers

  3. Click Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer
    Types of Printers

  4. Click The printer I want isn't listed as soon as the screen comes up. Do not wait for Windows to search for printers.
    Searching for Printers

  5. Select Select a shared printer by name
    Find a Printer

  6. Enter For example, to add the printer ajax, you would specify the URL as If you are unable to connect using https, try using just http.
    Field filled in

  7. Windows will then attempt to connect to the print server. Make sure you are connected to the MIT network, but not the MIT GUEST wifi network.
  8. You will then be prompted to select a printer driver. If it is an HP printer, install the "HP Universal Printing PS" driver. See: [archive:How to download and install the HP Universal Driver as part of a printer install]
    Select a Driver

  9. Windows will then attempt to communicate with print server again. This make take up to 5 minutes. Windows should then display a success message. Click Next.
    Successfully Added a Printer

  10. You can then choose to set this printer as the default and you are able to print a test page. Click Finish
    Print a Test Page

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April 28, 2016

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  1. Apr 26, 2016

    This article is out of date; it was written at a time when cluster printers used CUPS queues.

    The article will still help for connecting to CUPS printers, but cluster printers now use Pharos print queues.

    More information at:
    MIT Pharos Printing Landing Page
    Install Pharos client on Windows
    Install Pharos as LPR printer on Windows

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