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Q: How do I use the BookScanStation in W20?


The BookScanStation guides you through the scanning process step-by-step.

  1. First, touch the screen to begin.
    'Touch Screen to Begin'

  2. Select how to save your scanned document (email, USB, etc), and touch Next.

  3. A reminder about U.S. Copyright law appears. Touch Accept

  4. If scanning to email, a warning about the maximum file size appears. If scanning to USB, you will be prompted to insert the flash drive.

  5. Select the file format for your document, as well as some additional settings. Click Next.

  6. If using the flatbed scanner, you will be prompted to align your document to the front left corner of the scanner. Click Next.

  7. The scanning screen appears. Click the green button to begin scanning.

  8. If the scanner has not been used recently, the lamp will need to warm up. This process takes 5-15 seconds.
    'Please Wait'

  9. The scanner will begin scanning and a progress bar will be displayed.
    Progress Bar

  10. You will be returned to the scanning screen, and a preview of your document will be displayed. You can scan more pages, edit the scanned document, or click Send to send the email.
    More Options

  11. You will be prompted for details of the email, including "To", "Cc", "Subject", and a short message to add to the body of the email.
    Touch Screen Keyboard

  12. After the email is sent, you can scan additional documents, or click I'm Done to reset the ScanStation. If you do not click I'm Done, anyone using the station after you may be able to see what you scanned.
    'Job Complete\!'

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