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Ambit Press - How can I place a personal order for business cards?

When I attempt to place an Ambit Press order, for example for business cards, using the eCAT site, I receive an error:

Application failed due to an unknown error.


The most likely reason for the error message is that you do not have spending authorizations. The IS&T Service Desk (617-253-1101, can look up whether you have spending authorizations for SAP. If you do not have departmental purchasing authorizations, Ambit Press recommends the following:

Option one: Have someone in your department place the order for you.

Pricing is better for this option and your business cards will be available within 7 days after the order is placed.

Option two: Visit the Ambit Press Walk Up counter in Kendall Square (Five Cambridge Center, Main Street)

Place your order at a kiosk in the lobby.

Five Cambridge Center
Main St.

With this option, the charge is a little more than online and you only have design 1 business card and the white paper option to choose from. You can pay with either cash or a credit card. If the order is placed by Friday at 3pm, the business cards will be produced and ready for pick up on the following Thursday.

Option three (if above options are not available): Place an "offline ecat order".

Because this process is less streamlined, the costs are higher (see below). If you would like to proceed this way, you can still generate a pdf proof on line at This proof should then be forwarded onto
Also, we will need to know the quantity and paper option you would like, white or natural white. The schedule is 7 business days from
receipt of order and you can pay with either cash or credit card.

Please feel free to contact Ambit Press directly with any questions, or to assist with an off-line order.

Ambit Press / Minuteman Press of Cambridge
Five Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: 617-876-3688
Fax: 617-876-3896

More information

If Roles shows no spending authorizations for the user:

The message "application failed due to an unknown error" indicates that you do not have departmental spending authorization. However,

Only members from the following departments can place personal orders from ECAT3:

MIT Alumni Association
MIT Human Resources Department
MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology
MIT McGovern
MIT Mechanical Engineering
MIT SDM Faculty
MIT SDM Student
MIT Sloan

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February 19, 2017

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