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How do I set up a space so a Touchstone account can get in ?

  • How do I set up a space so a Touchstone account can get in ?
  • I have a wiki space on, and I want to allow an external Touchstone account to see or edit the pages. How do I set it up?


This is painful. You need to go through steps in a specific order, and some of the steps involve the person doing steps that you know will fail.

  1. The person needs to create a Touchstone Collaboration account.
    For one set of instructions, see: Creating a Touchstone Collaboration Account
  2. The person needs to log into with this account. Their account has not been granted permissions on the pages in question, so they will not be able to edit, but they need to log in so that learns about the new Touchstone account.
    For instructions, see: Log in using a Touchstone Collaboration Account
  3. Once they have logged in, knows who they are. The owner of the wiki pages can now give that person permission to view or edit pages.
    1. Click on Browse Space > Space Admin > Permissions.
    2. On the Permissions page, push the button for "Edit Permissions" and go to the section for "Individual Users" and use the search box to search for the person's name.
  4. Once they have permissions on the wiki, the person can log back in to the wiki through Touchstone, and should be able to access the wiki.

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