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Q: What does the error "No DIDs available" mean?

  • Why am I getting the message "Error: no DIDs available for assignment" when trying to sign up for my Personal SIP account?
  • What does "Error: no DIDs available for assignment" mean?


  • MIT Personal SIP account sign-up
  • MITvoip / VoIP


Each Personal SIP account is assigned a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number when it is created. There is a limited pool of these numbers that must be reserved out of MIT's allocated pool of telephone numbers. New numbers cannot just automatically be created, and because of the limited supply not enough DIDs can be allocated to cover all future Personal SIP registrations.

The message "Error: no DIDs available for assignment" means that the currently allocated pool of DID numbers has been exhausted and more need to be allocated. This error is produced by the Personal SIP account registration application at

  • Please report this error message to
  • Unused DIDs will be identified and reallocated as soon as possible
  • Please be aware that it may take several days to allocate new DIDs
  • After new DIDs have been allocated Personal SIP registration will work normally again

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