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How do I contact the owner or maintainer of a list?

Depending on how a list is configured, it may also be possible to look up the identities of the list maintainers.

For Mailman lists, visit the List Information web page at: Be sure to replace "listname" in the URL with the name of the list. At the bottom of that page, you will see some text in italics that says something like "list run by joeuser at, jruser at". Those are the list administrators for that Mailman list.

For Moira lists, you can use the following command:

joeuser@athena:~$ blanche -i listname

Note: Be sure to fill in the correct information for listname.

That will display something like:

List: mylist
Description: A mailing list at MIT
Flags: active, private, and visible
mylist is a maillist and is not a group
Owner: USER joeuser

In the example above, "joeuser" is the owner of the Moira list "mylist". In some cases, the owner of a Moira list may be the name of the list itself. For example:

List: somelist
Description: Another mailing list at MIT
Flags: active, private, and visible
somelist is a maillist and is not a group
Owner: LIST somelist

This means the list is self-owned, and that anyone on the list is also an administrator of the list.

If you need further assistance determining the owner of a mailing list, please contact User Accounts at or x3-1325.

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