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Q: Should I reply to remove spam? It didn't work!


IS&T does not recommend responding to the message, visiting the web site, or calling the phone number provided to be removed from the distribution list. Doing this simply confirms that your email address is valid. What happens then is that the spammer that received your confirmation will do two things:

  1. Send you more spam.
  2. Sell your confirmed working email addresses on the spam black market to other spammers, subjecting you to unsightly web sites, long distance phone charges, even greater amounts of spam to your address.

It is also unwise to open any email attachment that you are not expecting, even if they appear to have been sent from someone you know. Many viruses are transmitted through email attachments by sending them to addresses found on infected machines.

Deleting the message is your best course of action. Turning off email previewing also lets you delete offensive messages without having to view the content. Another action you can take is to set up an email rule in your email client that puts the messages from this sender into a Junk folder or deletes them.

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