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Can someone use a departmental e-mail address to register for a Collaboration Account?

Q: Can someone with an '' e-mail address register for a Collaboration Account since they do not have an MIT Kerberos Account and are unable to obtain MIT certificates?


Stellar only supports email addresses. Anyone affiliated with MIT and has '' in their e-mail address is strongly encouraged to use their MIT Kerberos Account. If they have not registered for an account, they may do so at

However, an address may be used to register for a Collaboration Account in order to access Stellar, but there are limitations. If an Instructor chooses to register for a Collaboration Account and uses it to access various MIT systems, he/she may find their access and privileges severely limited. Professors exist in the central MIT authentication and identity management systems only - that information is not shared with departments, labs, and centers that maintain their own email system.

For example, there may be applications that expect the internal MIT username to be passed in order to grant certain privileges to the user within the application. There may also be applications that grant privileges based on data feeds from existing MIT systems.

The Collaboration Accounts management system has no way of knowing if the user is a faculty member or any other information about the person. It only knows the email address that was used to register the account. Hence, applications may treat a professor that uses a Collaboration Account, such as, as someone with fewer privileges than an undergraduate student.

At this time, Stellar cannot accommodate manually managing the access privileges for such a user. Because of this situation, MIT users are strongly encouraged to use their MIT username to log in instead of their department ( e-mail address.

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