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Q: How do I activate the outcalling feature of my voice mailbox?


The outcalling feature on your voice mailbox gives callers the option of notifying you that they have left a message in your mailbox. Typically, this done by entering a pager telephone number in the paging schedule (outcall notification) section of your voice mailbox. Depending on your instructions, the voice mail system will signal your pager after the caller leaves a message.

To activate outcalling, you must set up a schedule in your voice mailbox and tell the system at what number to call you upon activation. Follow the instructions below to activate outcalling, or to change your outcall notification number:

  1. Dial into the voice mail system x 8-6245 and enter your password.
  2. Choose (4) for personal options.
  3. Choose (4) to establish notification options (paging schedule).
  4. (If you have already established a paging schedule and want to change it, choose (1) to change pager schedule, (1) to update pager schedule.

    The system will recite back the current pager telephone number established. Press (2) to change it.)

  5. Enter your pager's 10 digit telephone number.

    For changes, once you have established the new number, press (1) to continue; this action saves the new number in the system. Exit voice mail by hitting *** and hang up when the system says "Goodbye." To change other options, follow the voice mail system instructions.

  6. Enter the time of day that you want the system to notify you.

    Example: For 8:00am dial 800 on your touch tone key pad then choose 1 for am or 2 for pm; continue to follow the prompts to set up evening or weekend schedules.

  7. Choose the type of messages for which you would like to receive notification.

    Example: If you choose to be notified of urgent messages only, remember to instruct callers in your mailbox greeting that they must mark their message "URGENT" by pressing # 1, 2 after they have left you a voice message in order for you to be paged.

  8. Once you have established a paging schedule, return to the main menu by pressing ***, then (4), (1), and (1) to turn on outcall notification (pressing 2 will turn it off).

When you receive a message through outcalling, your pager will show the voice mail system extension "86245" This is your indication that someone has activated the outcalling feature on your mailbox. Call into your voice mailbox for messages.

For further assistance, call the Telephony Client Support team at 3-3670.

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