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Q: What are MIT's copyright guidelines for reuse of web site design, citing materials, etc.?


There are general guidelines for minor reuse of an MIT web site's design/construction as a model for a non-MIT site.

For incidental use, simple attribution and a copyright credit are all that is needed. This almost always falls into a Fair Use exemption situation, so just minimal credit is usually sufficient.

If the material to be cited is the result of MIT administrative work, it is generally considered collegial sharing. Again, simple attribution is expected, but no formal clearance is needed.

Only when the reuse is of a significantly substantial nature would a more formal, and more specific request need to be filed with the Office of the General Counsel. You would need to provide a specific example of which web materials/articles were being sought, and exactly how much was intended to be used.

Such requests can be directed to the General Counsel or to

More information on copyright use at MIT is available at:

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May 06, 2013

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