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How can I set up a Maple initialization file?

If you have packages you want to load, variables you want to predefine, or other settings you want to customize for all of your Maple sessions, you can accomplish this with an initialization file. This is simply a text file consisting of commands as you would type
them at the Maple prompt; name the file ".mapleinit" and save it in your home directory. When you run Maple, it executes the contents of ~/.mapleinit after it has finished the usual system startup.

What you put in this file depends on what you want to do. For example, to automatically change the default values for the global variables "Order", "Digits", and "prompt" you could put:

        Order := 10:  Digits := 20:  interface(prompt=`What now? `):

in your initialization file. (You'll probably want to use colons for termination, to keep the results of the commands from printing during initialization.)

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